Sunday, June 22, 2008

I awoke this morning with this thought: every moment today will be perfect. I went directly to my dictionary and found that one definition for “perfect” is “excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement”, which will be true of each moment today. No moment will be able to be improved. The universe has spent untold billions of years preparing each of today’s moments, and each one will be precisely what it is required to be. Some moments may not be exactly the way I want them to be, may seem troublesome, inconvenient, even sad or tragic, but even those moments will be perfect -- exactly fitting the need in a certain situation and for a certain purpose. With my self-centered short-sightedness, I probably won’t be able to perceive how all the moments perfectly suit a need, but in some far-reaching way, they definitely will. Every moment will be the only reality that exists, which means it will be entirely faultless, which means it will carry immeasurable good for me and the entire universe. My job today will be to accept and embrace each moment exactly as it is, and to look for the rightness of that moment. I guess you could say my task today is to willingly receive the gift each moment brings me – which should be cheerful work, since each gift will be unflawed and ideal. Sounds like a good deal to me– accepting approximately 57,000 gifts. Sounds like I’m in for a fairly nice day.

-- Written on Monday, December 03, 2007

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