Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Day 162, the last day of class, June 3, 2008

Today I tried my best to end the year by bringing it all back around to the beginning, just as I ask the students to do in their essays. I told them a “joke of the day”, just as I did on the first day and every other day, and I showed them my hand-drawn “picture of the day”, just as I did on September 4th and throughout the year. As I did on the first day, I explained the “lesson” for the day, which was a review of the year, looking back to see where we have come from and what milestones we passed along the way. I ended this final class by singing the same song I sang on the first day of English class back in the late summer of ‘07, a rendition of Louie Armstrong’s “It’s a Wonderful World”, with my own lyrics dedicated to the students. As in an essay, I tried my best to tie the year into a neat and completed package. I wonder what grade I should get.

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