Sunday, June 22, 2008


“A new power is in operation.” --Romans 8:2

The above quote is the only truth I need to remember today, because it concerns the only important quality in the universe – power. If I can come to an understanding of the nature of real power, and stay in touch with this power, I can be constantly satisfied with life. When I think about it carefully, it’s clear that dissatisfaction always springs from a sense of a lack of power, and so if I understand what power really is, and stay near it, then it’s obvious that I will never be dissatisfied. (Unhappy, perhaps, but not dissatisfied -- and there's a huge difference.) This quote tells me wonderful news. Power is where all good originates. It’s not so much that the power at work in the universe is “new”, but that it is new to me. It’s the power of thought, of infinite Mind – a power that, despite my spiritual studies, I still don’t thoroughly believe in. It’s a power that calls out to me to turn away from the ultimately ineffectual power of matter and material things and toward the ever-present power of Spirit. It’s a power that creates everything and runs everything. Nothing happens without this marvelous power of Mind, God, Allah. It’s a power that will be present with me all day today – this cool, clear day in autumn.

--written in October, 2007

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