Sunday, May 11, 2008


May 11, 2008

The only question worth considering today is whether life is restricted or infinite. In one sense, that seems like a silly question to me, because I have built my entire life on the belief in its narrowness and limitations. Almost every moment of every day, I have thought of myself as a small, vulnerable person in a universe filled with constraints, restraints, curbs, and checks. Life, for me, has been like being in a small closet with countless threatening entities waiting just outside the door. There is another viewpoint, however – and it seems clear to me that it’s the correct one (even though it’s almost impossible for me to keep it in mind). This view sees life as utterly unlimited, like being part of a sky that has no beginning and no end. According to this view, there are no restrictions whatsoever because there are no material “things” to be restricted or do the restricting. There is only unlimited thought in an unlimited universe of Mind. This view says life should be like a constant and completely worry-free celebration.

Today would be a great day to begin actually believing this – and living accordingly.

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