Saturday, March 15, 2008

My son Luke and my grandson Josh visited this morning, and as usual, the little lad charmed me right from the start. He was born with the natural ability to please and delight, and his talent was in full flower today. Just his look as he stares at me is enough to totally beguile me. We first stopped for awhile in my apartment, where Josh himself was somewhat spellbound by the new surroundings. He wandered around staring at everything and occasionally saying a soft sound of wonder and amazement. Still, he was at his own bewitching best, because I just sat there and stared as the small boy played with a candle holder on the coffee table. We then walked over to the library, where Josh led us from display to display and from book to book, we following along like his enchanted servants. From there we walked to a pizza place and enjoyed a hearty lunch, and throughout the meal Josh captivated me with his ability to find magic and pleasure in a simple straw. When we gave our hugs and said our goodbyes at my apartment, I foresaw a fairly ordinary afternoon stretching ahead. With Josh’s magic gone, the coming hours looked terribly run of the mill.

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