Sunday, February 10, 2008


Day 95, Friday, February 8

Today I taught the morning classes in almost total unawareness. Yes, I had a good lesson planned, and I carried through with my plans, but I'm afraid I was more of a robot than a mindful human being. I went through the motions in a sort of mechanistic way, from one orderly, mechanical step to another. I'm disappointed in myself. If Emily Webb from Our Town could have seen me, she would have been very critical of my lack of awareness -- she who went back from the grave to beg the living to appreciate every moment.


Several kids were absent a few days this week, and I'm ashamed to admit that I hardly noticed. Talk about unawareness! It's a teacher's duty to be thoroughly attentive to his students, both the ones who are present and the ones who are not. How can I allow one of my students to slip completely out of my mind just because he or she is home sick???

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