Saturday, February 02, 2008


E is for Excitement

Yesterday morning, waiting for a group of 8th grade students to arrive at my room, I realized that I felt totally keyed up and energized as I looked forward to the class. Odd as it might seem, in the darkest middle of winter and after 89 days of school, I was getting goose bumps as I thought about teaching English for the next 48 minutes. To understand better, imagine waiting to go on stage to receive a national prize, or waiting for someone to arrive to deliver your lottery winnings, or waiting at the front door to take possession of your newly-purchased mansion: honestly, that’s how excited I felt. Strange…they’re just a small group of teenagers, and I’m just an emergent and still-developing English teacher in a small school in a small town in Connecticut, but yesterday morning, as I heard the students coming down the hall, I felt like a king about to meet with princes and princesses.

Although I’m 66, is it any wonder I'm not thinking about retirement?

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