Friday, February 22, 2008

I’ve spent this entire snowy day feeling grateful for my cozy apartment. I feel thoroughly fortunate to be living in such a comfortable place. It’s small – just a kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms – but it’s perfectly sufficient for my needs. On a wintry day like this, it provides light, warmth, and a general feeling of well-being – and what else do I really need? All day long I went appreciatively from room to room, reading in one comfortable chair, writing in another one, standing by a window to admire the floating snowflakes, fixing a cup of hot tea now and again, and sometimes just sitting and feeling thankful. Other people may see it as just another small apartment, but I see it as my serene and faultless palace. I feel especially grateful when I think of the millions –no, billions – of people around the world who can only dream of living in such a secure and comfortable place. I thought of them often today as I felt the warm air wafting up from the baseboard heaters, saw the soft lamplight falling on my book, heard the quiet classical music coming from the Internet, and tasted the tea so easily brewed on my convenient electric stove. I said my thanks over and over and over as the snowstorm swept along outside.

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