Monday, January 28, 2008

I woke up this morning eager to “accomplish” things. I wanted to do this, that, and a dozen other tasks. I wanted to do an excellent meditation, get the proper reading done before I go to school, keep my mind focused, remember the important truths about life, and generally make myself into as excellent a human being as possible. Do, do, do. Make, make, make. I wanted to be a doing-and-making machine. Unfortunately, that would also involve being an ‘escape’ machine. What I really wanted to do, I realize now, was escape from the present moment. I wanted to keep so busy doing and making things, setting goals and striving toward them, reaching and grabbing and holding, that I would never have to simply rest in the present moment. It was like the present moment, the utterly perfect present moment exactly the way it is, was my enemy instead of my always best friend. Luckily, I understood my folly fairly quickly this morning, and before long I was back where I should always be – in the here-and-now, the only place and time there ever will be. The present moment never ‘seems’ perfect to me, but the truth is that it’s all I’ve got or ever will have. It’s where all reality is, and therefore where all power is. No matter what’s happening in the present moment, it has exactly what I need, what I was born for, what the universe has carefully prepared for me. Today I hope I can wake up and accept this great gift, moment after moment after moment.

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