Saturday, December 15, 2007


Day 68, December 14, 2007

Today in one of the 8th grade classes, I made a mistake, and learned a good lesson. (In a way, I'm glad I made the mistake, for mistakes are my teachers.) I gave the students a literary passage to study for their next writing assignment, and, without even a pause, I began reading the passage aloud. As I was reading, I noticed that several girls seemed to be rummaging through their binders, and I paused, somewhat dismayed that they were not focused on the reading. However, it quickly became apparent that they were simply searching for their hi-liter pens so they could take notes as I read. They were just trying to be good students in the way I had taught them. I immediately realized my mistake: I had, once again, rushed into an activity without giving the students time to prepare themselves for it. Certainly the students should have readied their hi-liter pens, and certainly I should have given them ample time to do it. Allowing one minute to carefully prime themselves for the reading would have made the activity far more successful than just heedlessly plunging into it.

Mistake made, lesson learned. Now, like a good student, I need to put the lesson into practice.

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