Monday, November 19, 2007

November 19, 2007

I just returned from two enlightening days in NYC at the annual convention of the National Council of Teachers of English. I especially found inspiration at today’s session on technology, held in the high school classroom of a teacher who is an Internet legend among English teachers. The leaders of the session showered us with wonderful suggestions for implementing the latest technological developments in our classrooms, and it was all I could do to keep my head from spinning. I did my best to follow along, though, and managed to come away with a half-dozen or so excellent tips that will help make me a better teacher. On a more negative note, I was enlightened in a different way by my stay at the New York Hilton, one of “New York’s finest”. I realized, after spending an afternoon and night in this famous hotel, that I have absolutely no future interest in this kind of accommodation. I was not in the least impressed by the glitzy room, the absurdly pricey room service, or the chic-looking guests – and I was appalled and saddened by the fact that I paid over $300 (including taxes) for the privilege of staying there for a single night. I felt uncomfortable from the moment I entered the enormous lobby. I would have been happier at a hostel, sharing an unpretentious room with others. I would have much rather given that $300 to some of the homeless people I saw sleeping in subway stairwells – money far, far better spent than throwing it away on glitz and glamour.

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