Wednesday, September 05, 2007

John Constable, "Cottage in a Cornfield"


Day 2, September 5, 2007

My bike ride to school this morning was as serene and uplifting as yesterday’s. The air was clear and cool, and once again the early light seemed magical. I didn’t push it – just cruised along enjoying the bountiful feeling of freedom and good fortune.

To quote an old Eagles song, I had a "peaceful, easy feeling" during my morning classes. I think it was due, in large part, to not rushing. I had planned a sensible amount of material to cover, and consequently I was able to move through it in an almost effortless way -- not dashing, like yesterday, but more like gliding or even sauntering. I felt the way I occasionally feel when I'm riding my bike in an especially natural and unproblematic way -- when riding seems as easy as breathing. It doesn't happen often in bicycling or teaching, but it happened to me this morning.

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