Monday, September 24, 2007

"Cattle in the Marsh, Near a Fence," by Martin J. Heade, oil on canvas, 13 by 26 inches, circa 1866-1876

I had a very relaxing weekend. On Saturday I drove up to visit with my Luke, Krissy, Josh, and Kaylee, and, as usual, the drive through the early morning countryside was a peaceful one. The mists of autumn were spread across the roads and fields and trees, but they slowly dispersed as I drove, disclosing what promised to be a warm and sunny last day of summer. We all went to Kaylee’s soccer game, where Luke and I had a chance to chat as the girls and boys dashed up and down the field. Then yesterday, Noah and Jaimie and Jan meet me out at Napatree on the shore for a glorious morning of beach fun. It had to be one of the prettiest days of the season – temperature in the comfortable 60s, a mild breeze blowing, and sunshine everywhere. Noah was beside himself with glee. He buried Jan’s legs, looked everywhere with wonder, laughed and smiled without pause, examined miniscule jelly fish in his bucket, and filled us all with delight. The only mistake of the morning was made by me. I left after only an hour, thinking I’d better go to school and grade some papers. I need to get my priorities straight. When my grandson wants to frolic on a beautiful beach with me, the papers can wait.

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