Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This morning I went for a bike ride at the shore very early with some friends, and the first sight we were treated to was a beautiful and complete rainbow. I had just parked in Watch Hill by the beach around 6:00 am, and was unloading my bike, when I saw it arching up over the stores in the village. A delivery man across the street shouted to me that it was a full one, so I walked a few paces down the street to get a good look. Like any rainbow, it was an astonishing sight, but especially so at that early time of a lovely summer morning. The boats were asleep and still in the little bay, and soft sunlight was shining on the homes across the water in Stonington, and high over all was this arc of blended colors stretching from shore to shore. My friends and I marveled at it, and we spoke of it often as we pedaled away from it down the slowly lightening beach toward Weekapaug.

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