Thursday, August 09, 2007


Energy is slowly leaving my mother. Though she may live many more years, it’s obvious that she’s slowing down, growing weaker, softer, quieter. I can almost see the energy slowly leaving her, departing her body to move on to other bodies, other forms of life. Strangely – and I almost can’t believe I’m writing this – it doesn’t make me sad. After all, nothing is dying, nothing is being destroyed, nothing is ending. Energy – the measureless, eternal energy of the universe – is simply changing. One form of energy is dissolving into other forms. Back in high school science class, I learned that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it simply changes. In that sense, energy is a synonym for God – a force that was never created and will never come to an end. Like all of us – and everything – my mother’s life is a part of this force, and thus her life, in the truest sense, will never end. It will change – is changing – yes, but it will always exist as part of the endless energy of the universe. What makes her who she is – her love, patience, kindness, and dignity – will never die because it can’t. I learned that in physics class at St. Louis U. High.

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