Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, "Douai, Glacis des Fortifications, Pres La Porte Notre-Dame"

Walking through the park this morning, I was struck by the fact that everything that was happening was totally new. Each scene and each event was unlike any scene or event in the past. Nothing like this had ever happened before. For instance, never in the history of the universe had Hamilton Salsich been walking in a purple shirt at a particular point in the park when the shadows were exactly like they were and a specific Monarch butterfly had just landed on one individual purple blossom and thunder of a unique tone and volume was rumbling in the west. This was all totally new. Also, never had my shoes, when they were in the exact condition they were in this morning, touched the sidewalk when it was in the exact condition it was in this morning. This was all totally new. Not only that, never had the precise oxygen atoms that were working inside me this morning passed the large beech tree at the northern end of the park when it was in the exact circumstances it was in this morning. This was all totally new.

All of us love to get something brand new – a newborn baby, a new house, a new car, even a new shirt or a new five-dollar bill. This morning I realized that we get an absolutely perfect, brand-new gift each and every moment. The universe is all totally new.

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