Sunday, August 12, 2007


Yesterday was a perfect day for bike riding, or anything else in the open air. For one thing, the temperature seemed ideal for outdoor exercise, hovering around the 60˚ mark most of the day. I rode easily along through the cool, refreshing air, feeling as fresh as I’ve ever felt on a bicycle. I had that wonderful feeling that we all get now and then, like I was tireless and invincible, like I could pedal that bike forever. In addition, the best of breezes was blowing along the roads as I rode along. It was a cool, revitalizing wind, just enough to cheer me along without making me struggle against it. It seemed to unerringly guide me up and down the hills and along the smooth, straight roads. And then there was the sky – the clearest I can recall seeing. It was immaculate in its pure blueness. At one point, as I waited at a red light, I simply stared at the sky in admiration. I wanted to take some quick steps and leaps in happiness, but instead I just rode a few blocks home to my welcoming little apartment.

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