Monday, July 30, 2007

Whenever I manage to step far enough away from my “self” to get the big picture, it becomes obvious that reality is made of thoughts instead of things, is one instead of many, and is harmonious instead of discordant.

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According to one dictionary, something is perfect if it “lacks nothing essential to the whole” and is “complete of its nature or kind”. By this definition, every present moment is perfect. Each one is a whole moment that contains everything necessary to make it what it is. For that particular kind of present moment, it’s flawless and ideal. I may wish a particular moment was different than it is, but it’s foolish to wish a moment was better than it is. For that specific point in time, each moment is just right, just the thing, just what the doctor (the universe) ordered, just what it is. Future moments may look bleak, and past moments may seem scary, but the moment right here, right now, is utterly perfect.

I’m not suggesting that I should be happy with every moment. A moment can be absolutely perfect – just the way it has to be – without making me the least bit happy. Obviously, some moments are downright dangerous and scary. If I’m stuck outside and a tornado is looming, this is not good, and I need to act quickly to change my situation. However, it is the situation, and if I’m able to first accept the situation as it is – accept the fact of the tornado in all its fearfulness –I can then act in a more controlled and powerful manner than if I am panicking and wildly resisting what’s happening. Paradoxically, by totally accepting the furious presence of the storm, I’m better able to survive it.

These are not my ideas, nor are they the least bit new. The great sages since time began have spoken and written about the ironic power of nonresistance and acceptance. At the age of 65, I’m just slowly starting to understand these very old truths.

-- July 30, 2007

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