Sunday, July 29, 2007

Old Sturbridge Village


Yesterday I experienced a sense of family togetherness and amity that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It began with a drive up to
Old Sturbridge Village with Jaimie and Noah – Jaimie and I in the front seat, and Noah contentedly busying himself in the back seat. Jaimie and I had a wonderful conversation about teaching strategies (we’re hoping to do a collaborative project this year with our 8th grade classes), and Noah happily murmured to himself as he looked through some books I had brought. I occasionally glanced back and exchanged a few words with the little fellow, and I more than occasionally gave silent thanks for the pure friendship present in that car. That sense of friendship only increased when we met Luke, baby Josh, and the sociable animals at Sturbridge. We walked along the quiet lanes of the village, where we met peaceful, sleepy pigs and a yoke of steers who seemed to have a sincere friendship with the young man guiding them. We were five good friends among pleasant animals who seemed to feel as easygoing and stress-free as we did. It was a special thrill for me to feel the comradeship between my two sons and me. I guess that kind of friendship is among the greatest in the world – the closeness between a parent and his grown children. As I strolled between Luke and Jaimie, I knew I’d been given a gift beyond description. Even echoing thunder and sporadic showers could do little to interrupt the feeling of solidarity as our small family group toured the old village.

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