Friday, June 15, 2007

Yesterday I rode up into the hilly country north of Westerly for the first time this year. Feeling somewhat listless, I took it fairly easy, which enabled me to better appreciate the rural scenery. There was a serenity along the country roads that I almost never experience on my town rides. Everything seemed to be moving at a quiet and contented pace, which is exactly the way I was riding. Several times I came upon groups of cows lounging in their pastures, and each time I stopped to admire their look of indolence and contentment. They were in no hurry to do anything other than what they were doing, and neither was I. Watching them for a few minutes was a good lesson for me in the joys of satisfaction. On the way home, I stopped at a place called “The Westerly Town Forest”, a nature preserve I had only recently heard about. I parked my bike, unloaded my lunch bag, and walked a few minutes into the shady woodland. There I found an even greater peace than on the roads. All was serene, composed, peaceful. I sat on a rock, enjoyed my lunch, and took in the tranquility around me.

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