Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The weather was quite agreeable these last few days. Each morning, the birds whistled their songs amid the most pleasant breezes. I usually took my coffee at the computer table where I could hear the songs and feel the currents of air through the open window. The birds always seemed ready for a day of peace and harmony, and I looked forward to being gently pushed along on my bike by the puffs of spring air. And yes, my rides to school were pleasurable, almost easy-going, affairs. Although I did have to push myself to make it up the several long hills, I felt like I was coasting most of the way. The pedals spun seemingly by themselves as I cheerfully rolled along. Luckily, that cheerfulness stayed with me all through the hours at school. Of course, that's fairly easy at my school, for it's built on a foundation of optimism and exuberance, but I guess I felt even cheerier than usual these last few days. In the midst of such good-natured weather, it would have been hard not to.

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