Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Perhaps nothing is more important than the ability to laugh at myself. When I laugh at myself, I’m actually laughing at my “self” -- the physical, separate, limited, vulnerable and amusing “person” that I’ve created in my thinking over the years. This “self” seems always threatened, always at risk, and always alone, and thus it has been an entity that I have tried to defend and protect over the years. However, the strange truth is that this separate “self” doesn’t actually exist, no more than a separate breeze exists apart from the vast weather patterns of the earth’s atmosphere. The person I call “Ham” is not separate, alone, or vulnerable, but is rather an integral part of the seamless and harmonious universe. The self I’ve been caring for, and worrying about, all these years is no more real than the imaginary rabbit that Jimmy Stewart loved and looked after in the old movie, Harvey. When I laugh at my “self”, then, I’m simply laughing at a silly, make-believe creation of my own thinking – and that’s a very healthy thing to do.

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