Monday, June 04, 2007

It may seem odd, but I always try to think of my students as having majesty, glory, and honor. I try to see them as being majestic, as having a kind of royal dignity of bearing or aspect, and I encourage them to act that way. I do my best to notice the inner glow that radiates from all of them, and I urge them to appreciate and promote that glow. To me, my students (and all people everywhere) have as much grandeur as royalty, and it is my goal to be aware of, and be grateful for, that grandeur. It is also my goal to see my students’ glory – the highly praiseworthy assets that each of them possesses. They all have at least one “crowning glory”, some trait that sets them apart as truly extraordinary individuals. It may be a talent for drawing, or doing math, or making people laugh, or listening carefully to others – but it’s definitely there. The remarkable talents that are each of my students’ glories are forever shining in my classroom, and my task is to see and respect them. A final task of mine is to treat my students with honor. Each day, I must do the small things for my students, the marks, tokens, or gestures that express my respect for them as dignified human beings. One example would be greeting them at the door and inviting them to have a “place of honor” (which is any place) at the round table in my classroom. Since they each bring majesty and glory to my room, the least I can do is treat them in an honorable manner.

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