Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yesterday, after school, I rode my bike down to a restaurant in Stonington to have dinner with some friends. I took my time riding, mostly coasting along a lovely road embowered in shadows. I was in no hurry, felt no great need to get exercise, wasn’t out to prove how fit I was. I simply glided along in the late afternoon coolness, enjoying the sounds of bird songs and the softening colors of the landscape. After dinner, I rode back home (about five miles) along a fairly level stretch of road. I went at a brisk pace, feeling springy and poised. The evening light was lovely – the golden look that I can look forward to enjoying all summer long. I pumped hard up the hills and felt strong as I sailed across the summits and down into town. I thought of happy things: having a good glass of red wine, watching the red-hot Red Sox, and being a better teacher tomorrow.

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