Monday, April 23, 2007

This past weekend was our first truly warm once since last autumn, and it seemed to enliven everyone and everything. Life seemed to be springing up with passion wherever I happened to be. It was as if the warmth was a wonderful guest whom we were excited to see. We all appeared to be rushing to be the first to greet him. In the park, the trees seemed to be blossoming right before my eyes. I sat for awhile near a magnolia tree with its great white blossoms bending this way and that in the breeze. As I was walking, I also noticed the small buds all set to burst on the smaller trees. Even in the grocery store, the balmy weather was producing exhilaration. There was a louder chatter than usual among the patrons, a greater sense of rushing, a feeling that something marvelous was happening. I’ve seen that kind of excitement in stores when a winter storm is approaching, and now I was seeing it on the first weekend of warm weather. One lady seemed to be gasping to get her groceries speedily packed so she could dart out into the sunshine again.

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