Thursday, April 26, 2007

It’s amazing how comfortable I feel in my college class. As I go about teaching them what I know about literature and writing, I feel completely at ease, as if I’m hanging out with friends rather than teaching adults I had never met before the start of the course. We do a lot of serious talking about the course materials, but we also do a great amount of laughing and kidding. We enjoy each other’s company, which adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the class. Last night was a good example. As I looked around the room during class, I saw smiles on almost every face. Was this really an evening college English class, this class in which everyone seems to be having a rather enjoyable time? I’m not sure how much the students are learning in the class, but it’s clear that most of them feel fairly free from anxiety during class. They seem as comfortable as I am. And here's a question: Is this called work? Is this what I get paid for doing – spending time with good people who are actually becoming my friends? It seems like robbery to take money for doing a job that brings me such a sense of comfort and wellbeing.

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