Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm sure my students don’t feel like English class is a “celebration” of any sort, but I wonder if I could, or should. After all, a celebration is an occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event, and surely, for me, every English class should be a happy event. In each class I have the pleasure of being the teacher for approximately 12 bright and caring young people – kids whose parents have sent them to me because they trust me to suitably guide and instruct their children. I've been given the honor of teaching these students, and that is definitely worth celebrating. A celebration can also be thought of as a public performance of a solemn ceremony, and this, too, applies to my English classes. The students certainly don’t think of class as a “ceremony” of any sort, but I often do. We perform many of the same routines, or rituals, each day, and I maintain a sense of dignity and seriousness throughout each class. In addition, I have a sign on my door welcoming all visitors – the “public” – into my classroom. I love to have guests join us for our daily “celebrations” in English class.

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