Friday, April 27, 2007

I was moping around my apartment this morning, harassing myself because I didn’t seem to be accomplishing much, when this thought came to me: The universe is accomplishing quite a lot, thank you very much. It was undeniably true. While I was living in a personal dream-world where “I” have to plan, bring about, and complete all necessary tasks, the grand, infinite Universe was harmoniously going about its innumerable duties. While I was sulking in the middle of my living room because I hadn’t achieved anything this morning, the Universe was actually quite pleased that I was sulking in my living room, since that is precisely what it had planned. I was sulking as perfectly as the sun was rising outside at that moment. My brooding and pining were as important to the Universe as any accomplishment by the president of a huge corporation, as important as the shining of the stars. The Universe was functioning perfectly this morning, and I was flawlessly playing my important part.

After thinking this way for a few moments, I actually began to enjoy my moping. It was, in fact, some of the best moping I had ever witnessed.

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