Sunday, April 29, 2007

I saw a tiny miracle yesterday. She was resting in her mother’s arms in a small hospital in Putnam, CT, and her name is Ava Elizabeth Salsich. I had driven up in the early morning through the foggy countryside to see this little girl who had taken her first breath of air on Friday evening. When I walked into the neat and spacious hospital room, I guess I wasn’t prepared for what I was going to see – this utterly perfect 8-pound person who even seemed to be smiling. I stayed for only a few minutes, because Jess was tired and needed some rest – but those moments were more than enough. When you see a miracle, the notion of time seems beside the point. A few minutes are a few wonderful years when you’re in the presence of something that’s beautiful beyond belief. I only saw Ava for a short time, but her flawlessness remained with me all day. Back home, reading or writing or exercising at the gym, I often saw the small, stunning, brand new girl in my mind.

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