Monday, April 09, 2007

I realized this morning that, for all these years of teaching, I have been much more concerned with what the students do in the classroom than how they do it, whereas my focus should be just the opposite. The truth is that there are a countless number of activities that I can plan for English class, anyone of which is probably potentially effective. What is truly important is how the kids do the activity -- what their attitude is, how good their concentration is, and what their thoughts are as they are doing the activity. Perhaps in the future I need to spend more time thinking about how than what. Perhaps I can take less time deciding on the specific lessons I want to teach, thus leaving more time to ponder the attitudes I want the students to have as they work through the steps of the lesson. If I spend just fifteen minutes selecting the specific lesson, then I can spend thirty minutes thinking carefully about what's significantly more important – the mental outlook I want to establish in the room before and during the lesson.

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