Thursday, April 05, 2007

I guess I've always hoped my students would be "happy" in my class, but until recently I never really considered what that means. As I often do, I went to my favorite dictionary for help, and found that there are two definitions for "happy" that could apply to my students. First, the dictionary defines the word as "characterized by luck or good fortune; prosperous", and surely this is what I want for my students. I want them to feel lucky and prosperous --lucky that they're learning so much about writing and literature, and prosperous because they're growing rich with wisdom and understanding. I hope what any teacher hopes -- that my students will feel fortunate, and therefore happy, that they're taking part in my class this year. Another definition for "happy" is "having or demonstrating pleasure or satisfaction; gratified", and this, too, is something I hope my students feel. I hope they feel satisfied when they leave my class each day -- satisfied in the sense that they have been adequately filled up with helpful information and skills. After a satisfying meal, they feel content and gratified, and I hope they feel the same after each of my classes. That would be a fine kind of happiness for my students.

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