Thursday, March 29, 2007

This year I'm trying to learn to be a more accommodating teacher.
I'm trying, for example, to provide for my students in a more suitable
manner. A person might accommodate a friend with a loan of money, and, in a similar way, I hope to be better able to provide my students with everything they need to become proficient students of English. They require many reading and writing tools, and I hope I can oblige them in a thorough manner. I hope also to, in a sense, make better room for my students. When people come to visit our homes, we try to accommodate everyone, and I want to make my students feel that there's "room" for everyone in my class, including every opinion, every interpretation of literature, and every style of writing. Rather than feeling "crowded", hemmed in by picky rules and limits, I want the students to feel that there's enough room in my courses for them to stretch their minds and reach out with their feelings. When they come to my door each day, I want to say, "Welcome. Please come in. I can accommodate everyone."

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