Monday, March 26, 2007

I saw some beautiful sights yesterday on my excursion to New York. On the train ride down, there were silver coves in the morning light; flat stretches of golden marsh grass growing what seemed like five feet high or more; little homes right on the water, as if the houses themselves loved being as close to the ocean as possible; and, best of all, countless people going about their work and play on a Sunday morning. In Brooklyn, I saw Cat and Paul’s lovely, very lived-in apartment, loaded with well-read books from floor to ceiling; their two handsome, broad-shouldered, affable boys; Annie and her spacious, cozy home; and block after block of busy Brooklyn. On the trip home, I was fairly tired, but I managed to hold my eyes open to see a smoldering sunset over Manhattan; countless colorful lights as the Connecticut countryside passed us in the darkness; and innumerable people heading somewhere special on the train.

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