Saturday, March 31, 2007

The bracing spring-like weather has continued for several days now, making me think we may have left winter behind for good. Morning is still frosty, but by noon the day has usually softened into a sunny and warm one, perfect for finding any excuse to be outside. Yesterday I was shopping in Mystic and saw a young woman with what looked like a bathing suit on, casually strolling along in the bright but 50 degree-ish air. People are streaming down to the park these days, just lolling around on the grass to soak up the first rays of the season. I walked down after school the other day and sat on the bench in the sun for a while. I had planned to do some reading, but it was actually too chilly to stay for long. I kept the book folded and just took in the sunlit scenes for a few minutes – families out for some fun, teenagers sashaying around, and the early ducks drifting on the water now free, finally, from the winter’s ice.

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