Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A beautifully reassuring thought came back to me this morning – that the supposedly separate and individual person called “I” doesn’t have to do anything today, because there is, in truth, only one creator who will be doing every bit of the creating all day long. I’m grateful for this inspiring thought, because I woke up this morning with the not-so-inspiring thought that I had to immediately start working hard to make this a successful day. As I brushed my teeth and got dressed, I worried about how I was going to make myself a good teacher, and how I was going to accomplish all that needed accomplishing. For about fifteen minutes, it was me, me, me, and I, I, I. That’s why I feel so thankful for the thought that came to me before long – that there is only one creator in the universe, and it’s not me. All day today, the one creator (which I sometimes call “The Universe” or “Presence”, but which many people call “God”) will be creating ideas that will be the causes of every effect. It’s like the Universe is a freely flowing fountain, of which “I” and everything else are freely flowing parts. I thought of the fountain in the park near my house: Do the molecules of water in the fountain have to “do” anything to make the fountain beautiful? Don’t they simply flow? In a sense, don’t they just “relax” and allow the fountain to be the creator and do the work? And can’t I, too, just relax and allow the fountain of today, the endless, ever-present power called The Universe, to bubble up in its eternal and fascinating way?

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