Monday, February 12, 2007

Yesterday was a day for my family. In the early morning (a frigid one), I drove up to Brooklyn, CT to see Jaimie, Jess, and Noah. Noah was watching for me at the window, and I heard him laughing as I walked up to the door. I could see him desperately working to unlock the door, and when he finally managed to open it, he smiled magnificently at me and then ran away squealing with pleasure. We all had a marvelous visit together, including egg sandwiches from the local coffee shop (a favorite breakfast of Noah’s) and lots of talk and laughter. When I left, Noah gave me two gifts for my students: a small sea shell from Florida with a quarter in it (for tossing when we need to make a “scission”) and a round, smooth rock. Later in the day, I walked over to pay a brief visit to Matt and Stacey. They were preparing dinner in their toasty-warm apartment, and we chatted together in the kitchen while Stacey swirled some chicken in a pan. I stayed only a few minutes, but it was a wonderful visit, nonetheless. I then went back to my apartment and called brother Joe down in Arlington, VA. They just happened to be celebrating Julia’s 24th birthday, so I got to talk to the entire family. It was a long and heart-warming phone call. I truly felt like I was right there with them in their new house, making merry among friends.

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