Sunday, February 04, 2007

I am continuing to enjoy my rewarding, and somewhat unusual, weekend hobby. While some guys are happily working on their cars for hours on a Saturday morning, I’m grading essays in my classroom with a smile. While some guys are laboring with great satisfaction on their latest model train setup, I’m having a wonderful time carefully laying out my plans for the coming week’s teaching. While some men spend a good part of the weekend re-plastering the spare bedroom and admiring the results, I’m mounting a new display on my classroom bulletin board and stepping back to appreciate it. We all have our own ways of relaxing on the weekend, and mine is to spend hours in my comfortable, good-looking classroom. On this bitter winter weekend, I had my small space heater humming and filling the room with pleasant warmth. As I graded papers and prepared things for the week ahead, I enjoyed the cheering coziness and brightness of the classroom. Lots of men build things as a hobby – model airplanes, car engines, home additions. I guess you could say my hobby is building a good year of English class, and, like any hobbyist, I enjoy spending as much time as possible at it. When I think of relaxing, I think of going to my classroom, listening to Mozart, and preparing for excellent teaching in the coming days. On a weekend, if someone asks where Ham is, the answer might be, “Oh he’s over at school, relaxing with his hobby.”

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