Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This past three-day weekend was absolutely wonderful, and today I’m feeling grateful. First of all, insignificant as it may sound, I’m thankful that I have instant heat available in my apartment. All I need to do is turn a small dial on the thermostat, and instantly I hear the exquisite “click” that indicates heat is starting to flow into my rooms. What’s gratifying to think about (and I often do) is how many unknown people worked long hours in factories somewhere to make the thermostat and furnace that enable me to enjoy the splendor of this instant and evenly-spread warmth. I’m also feeling very appreciative for the hot showers I took over the weekend. Around the world, billions of people would love to be able to take a hot shower even once a month, and I, lucky me, took one on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To me, instant hot water is one of truly majestic blessings in my life. However, the best of all the gifts the weekend gave was simply the freedom to do whatever I pleased. Unlike so many people, nothing – no demand, duty, obligation, worry, need, plan, or desire – was pressing down on me during those long, tranquil days. At any moment, I felt like I could choose from an infinite number of pleasant activities. Indeed, I felt like I was being inundated, all weekend long, with marvelous blessings.

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