Thursday, January 25, 2007

It occurred to me this morning how odd it is that I am always doing something. I can’t recall many instances recently when I wasn’t making something, going somewhere, or somehow being busy. If someone took random snapshots of me over a period of days, the pictures would reveal a man who is constantly active, on-the-go, up and about, on the move. There certainly wouldn’t be many photos of me doing nothing. This morning before daylight, as I sat quietly in my apartment with just a few candles for light, I thought how strange my perpetual "busy-ness" is. How weird that I never simply be – never simply exist in the present moment just for the sake of existing. It seemed unbelievably peculiar that I am always rushing around to every place except the only place that actually exists – the here and now. It’s doubly bizarre because I apparently think the here and now contains something dangerous and scary that must be avoided at all costs, and yet it actually is the most non-threatening and peaceful place to be. Only in the present moment is the complete truth revealed, the truth that says all power is utterly serene and is right here, right now. The present reveals the totally peaceful non-activity of real power. True power, which always exists in the present moment, doesn’t have to do anything, because it’s already perfect. It just has to be. It was clear to me this morning that I need to stop surrendering to my mania for doing things, and start simply being. If I want to find a lasting peace, that is the only path.

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