Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I calculated today that if I live for another 20 years (a reasonable expectation) I will have approximately 470 billion additional experiences -- one every second. That's an astonishing fact to consider, but even more astounding is the realization that each one of those experiences could be important, significant, crucial, critical, decisive, even "earth-shattering". I emphasize "could be", because it all depends on my attitude. Each and every one of my remaining moments of life could be truly momentous, if only I keep my awareness open to the glory inherent in them. Something as simple as typing on this computer keyboard is a major miracle, consisting of countless muscles, nerves, cells, molecules, and atoms interacting in an infinitely complex way. It's a grand and astonishing show, and the same kind of thing happens each moment, and will continue to happen for the next 470 billion moments of my life! Problem is, I could see most of the moments as boring, tedious, uninteresting, and dull. It all depends on my viewpoint.

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