Monday, January 01, 2007

The first day of 2007 has proven to be a wet one. The rain must have started during the night, because I noticed the glazed pavement when I looked out in the early hours. It was a light and silent shower then, so much so that I barely thought about it as I did my morning reading and writing. For all I knew in my lamp-lit apartment, it might have been dry and clear outside instead of cloudy and showery. However, as the hours passed, the rain grew stronger and noisier, to the point where it was a constant background sound as I read or worked on the computer. Cars splashed past the house as if they were passing through a deluge, and the rain drummed on the pavement in the parking lot beside my house. It seemed like the clouds had decided to unfasten all their moisture just above our small defenseless town. Now, as dusk draws on, the rain has slowed to a light shower. The splashes on the street have just about been silenced, and the evening promises to be dry and quiet. I may even go out for a walk at halftime of the Rose Bowl, just to feel the freshness of the air after a full day of soaking rain.

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