Sunday, December 24, 2006

On this mild, blustery Christmas Eve, the family gathered at Jaimie and Jess’s in the late morning for a celebratory brunch. There seemed to be a touch of spring in the air as we were all arriving, and I didn’t hear any complaints about it. If it hadn’t been for the decorated Christmas tree, I might have felt like I should be in shorts and a summer shirt. As a warm, gusty breeze swayed the tall treetops around the house, we greeted each other and began a warmhearted day of festivities.The mood inside the house was as easygoing as the weather outside. It was a day for the children, and Noah, Kaylee, and baby Josh entertained us continuously with their gentle antics. Noah and Kaylee beamed as they opened gift after gift, and Josh was as calm and kindhearted as he always is, whether rocking in his mother’s arms, or swaying in his dad’s lap, or sprawled on the floor with what seemed like a perpetual smile on his face. After most of the presents were opened, I wandered outside for a bit of fresh air. The air seemed soft like April as the trees leaned this way and that in the relaxed breeze. I felt like running and skipping across the faded winter grass, but I didn’t. Instead, I wandered back inside to enjoy more of our family’s mellow holiday cheer.

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