Friday, December 22, 2006

Lately I’ve been mulling over an intriguing thought – that a person can actually stay calm even while rushing. In fact, calmness can be enjoyed in any situation, regardless of how frenzied, scary, or upsetting it might be. Being calm simply means accepting what’s happening, and I can do that no matter where I am or what I’m experiencing. If I say to every moment, “I accept you exactly the way you are,” I might feel a steadier and deeper calmness than I ever thought possible. It is indeed a strange truth that the key to finding calmness in life is simply not resisting the present moment. It seems almost too easy. I’m often tempted to dismiss the notion as poppycock and claptrap, a lame-brained theory out of some esoteric self-help book. However, every time I examine the idea carefully, its utter truthfulness becomes clear beyond any doubt. Tension and stress arise only from resistance to some present moment, and calmness and coolness are always restored by accepting that moment. If I have to get somewhere quickly, I can give up all opposition to that fact and, instead, simply flow with it. If I do that, my “rushing” will be thoroughly peaceful. People who see me dashing along the sidewalk might say, “Goodness, that man looks so calm!”

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