Sunday, December 03, 2006

After a strenuous week in the classroom, it was wonderful to relax yesterday with my two grandsons. First, I drove up to have an early breakfast with Jess, Jaimie, and Noah, which proved to be a perfectly comfortable way to start the weekend. We enjoyed hot coffee and French toast in the kitchen as the morning light arrived outside, and then Noah and I quietly played in the studio. As we usually do, we made up imaginative games with his many tiny figures, bringing them to “Sturbridge Village”, having them chase each other around the room, taking them here and there in the various farm vehicles. I doubt if anyone in the state of Connecticut had a more restful Saturday morning than Noah and I. Around 10:00, I drove up to Millbury to hang out with little Josh, Kaylee, Krissy, and Luke, and we had a totally peaceful time together. Because Josh was his usual tranquil self, all of us, I think, felt a refreshing calmness as the minutes passed. Perhaps we were soothed by the small boy’s obvious happiness and serenity . He seems to be one of those rare human beings who settles you down as soon as you come into his presence. Whether he was cooing at us from his crib, or proudly rolling over on the rug, or smiling endlessly as we passed him from person to person, Josh was the charmer we all needed to start us off on a relaxing, restorative weekend.

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