Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yesterday two happy families from two continents came together to celebrate the marriage of Stacey Castillo and Matt. Mary and Stanley, Stacey’s parents, journeyed from their home in Belize to join our family for a quiet and lovely ceremony at the home of the presiding minister, followed by a commemorative dinner at a local restaurant. Of course there’s always something wonderful about weddings, but this one seemed extra-special in its dignified simplicity. The wedding party was small, the location was a cozy living room, and the words of the ceremony were brief and beautiful. In the soft lamplight of the room, the bride and groom glowed with unadorned radiance. Afterwards, at the restaurant, sixteen of us enjoyed good food and congeniality for over two hours. The two families grew to know each other better, and brothers, sisters, friends, and parents quietly shared their joy. Little Noah, three going on twenty, acted as host for the cheerful gathering, going from person to person, smiling and saying, “I missed you” and “You did a good job.”

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