Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yesterday’s weather turned unbelievably mild. You would have thought April had arrived instead of November, what with the balmy temperature and the gentle air currents that carried a touch of spring as they passed in through the windows of my classroom. It would have been easy to believe that the leafless trees were getting set to bud and blossom instead of hunkering down for the assault of winter. It was day to walk on the beach instead of rake leaves.
I feel like I’m falling behind in my curriculum, but I’m determined to not panic. I’m going to stay calm, stay focused, and stay the course. If I do each class activity with care and consideration, I will take my students as far as we can possibly go this year. If noteworthy learning happens during each class period, what more can I ask?
I realized this morning, once again, the great truth that the present moment contains all the power in the universe – all the power there ever has been and ever will be. Power is always right here, right now, and it’s always mental. Anything – anything – that is good or bad is good or bad because a thought right now makes it so. Hurricanes and tsunamis are definitely powerful, but if I want to see truly infinite and unlimited power, all I have to do is focus on the omnipotent present moment.

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