Thursday, November 09, 2006

In my classroom`, there is a great show of strength each day. We usually think of that phrase in terms of physical power, as in “the police put on a show of strength”, but it really applies to any circumstance, including my room at school. Several times each day a group of students comes into my classroom, bringing with them an infinite set of powers, and these powers are constantly at work during the class. It’s as if hurricane winds are sweeping through the room, or as if volcanoes are continually erupting while I’m teaching the lesson. I don’t mean to suggest that my students are unruly during class. No, they’re usually fairly quiet and composed as they sit at the round table. A visitor, in fact, might think there was very little strength being shown among the students, and that’s because the strength my students bring with them to class is the invisible strength of the entire Universe of which they are a part. The Universe has been developing its powers for 15 billion years, and my students share in, and exhibit, those forces. When they think, it’s the Universe that does the thinking. When they speak, it’s the voice of the vast Cosmos that we hear. Even the smallest girl sitting quietly beside me on the circle puts on an immense show of strength each day in my classroom. Each of her thoughts is part of a wind that’s endlessly blowing, and each word is the fire that is everywhere and never goes out.

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