Sunday, October 29, 2006

JOURNAL: October 29, 2006

During the last two days, the weather has been full of turbulence. Yesterday a soaking rain swept down over southern New England, accompanied by a noisy wind. All morning I sat comfortably in my apartment, grading student papers and listening to the rain and wind whip around outside. Now and then I walked to the window and looked out on a scene of driving rain and general bedlam. What was most impressive, throughout the day, was the force of the wind. Strong gusts raged around my neighborhood from morning to nightfall, sometimes seeming to shake the entire house. As I worked at my desk, I occasionally heard squalls gust past the window with a swoosh and a shout. When darkness came on, the rain settled down to an occasional sprinkle, and the winds faded away. I awoke from sleep now and then to a puff of wind passing by the window and rustling the blinds, but for the most part it was a tranquil night. Now this morning, as I type this, I hear the wind once again roaring around the house. We may be in for another day of turmoil and disorder.

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