Thursday, October 26, 2006

JOURNAL: October 26, 2006

We have been experiencing exceptionally clear weather lately. Just now, as I type, I can look out at the garden beside my classroom and see perfectly clear sunshine on the grass and bushes, and just above the roofs of the nearby building is a brilliant blue sky. There seems to be no haze whatsoever in the air, as if I could see great distances. Looking down at the grass in the garden, I seem to see the individual blades as though I am bending over them, just inches away. These are the kinds of days I love -- days when nothing interferes with your ability to see the gorgeous world in its glory. The colors of the trees flash from morning to dusk, and everything -- cars, buildings, road signs -- shines with unusual brightness. Even my students' faces seem to carry a glow on these cloudless autumn days.

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