Wednesday, October 18, 2006

JOURNAL: October 15, 2006

Today was another clear, brisk, and colorful autumn day. The clarity was something I noticed all day long - the dazzling blue sky, the crispy white clouds passing along, and the perfectly transparent air. It looked as if everything had just been thoroughly washed. I don't remember a more unsoiled-looking fall day. There was also a zesty quality to the air, a bracing, revitalizing feature that made me feel a little more awake each time I went outside. It wasn't exactly cold ~ just brisk enough to let you know it's definitely October. I saw people bundled up with warm jackets, gloves, and even scarves, as if winter is just around the corner (which it is). No matter how bundled people were, I hope they noticed the beautiful colors of the trees. This might well be the final weekend of colors in this part of New England, and today was a real dazzler. The brisk wind made the colors seem especially vivid as leaves blew across the streets and yards.

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